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There is a lot to consider when you’re moving into your new home. Unpacking isn’t the only major tasks standing in the way of fully settling in. Here are some of the important things you should keep in mind while moving into your new home.

Closing Day

This means we are close to the finish line. Day’s before the settlement date Coterie Exchange prepares you for this moment. We are sure the escrow agent has everything they need and the lender has given the clear to close.

Final Walk Through

On closing day before we go to the attorney’s office to sign the final closing documents, we inspect the home to be certain that there is no damage to the home while the sellers have gathered their things to move out. For new construction we tour the home with the builder and get a brief education on smart home features, how to turn the water off in the home, and various other things you as a new home owner need to know. We also confirm all the things on the punch list were completed.


Before closing Coterie Exchange will get the service providers and utility companies to you so that you can have your services setup on closing day.

Be Aware

Some things can go wrong outside of our control. The closing day may need to be pushed back by a day or an hour. We have encountered many things and no need to worry. Coterie Exchange will handle these problems for you in an effort to make this unforeseen issue as stress free as possible.


The attorney will provide the documents and explain everything you need to know. It is important to listen carefully and ask any questions to the attorney. After documents are signed the deed must be recorded in order for you to receive the keys to your new home. This takes a few hours or it could be overnight depending on what time you close.

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