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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

You have made the decision to sell your home. It is important for you to establish a timeline and clarify your motivations and the goals you want to achieve.

Why are you Selling

Why do you want to sell your home? Do you plan on moving to a larger property or are you selling to downsize or relocate? Do you wish to move into another school district? These may seem obvious but you should consider each implication for your financial situation, your lifestyle, and any other factors.

When to Sell your home?

Time is of the essence. Set a realistic timeline and stick to it. Coterie Exchange will implement an action plan to assist you in obtaining your goals. Schedule listing appointment Here.

Successful Financial Transaction.

Speak with your financial advisor. Coterie Exchange can help with estimated proceeds, effectively assess the cumulative impact of various changes, estate planning and tax savings.

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